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As a graduate of Omega Institute of Cosmetology of Houma, La., Jesnesha lives for the creation of art, style, fashion, techniques and the love of the HAIR INDUSTRY. For her, it's about creating experiences and relationships with her clientele, all while defiining visions and dreams.  


With 21 years in the industry, Jesnesha has created a "league of her own" as a Masterstylist/Colorist in the Baton Rouge area. She believes that women should be INSPIRED to create change...this is what nurtures her ability to educate, motivate and inspire others. 


Jesnesha's LOVE and PASSION for the industry has awarded her with various opportunities to be trained and educated by some of the most well defined Platform Artist within John Paul Mitchell Systems. She has completed various Exceptional Advanced Educational Courses including Contemporary Cut and Color and Accerelated Cut and Color through John Paul Mitchell Systems.  Her most recognized focus is color--Color is Art…..Create it!

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